Possess and Serve

Possess and Serve is a novelette set to be published in HOWL Society’s debut anthology, HOWLS FROM HELL. Sarah Forrester, part of a new police unit with technology that allows officers to assume control of victims, is forced to act against a colleague when she catches him taking advantage of his position.


Jaws is a short story set to be published by The Dread Machine in their debut anthology TDM: 1986.

The year is 1986: Luisa celebrates her birthday with her jaw wired shut and brings home a creature masquerading as a teddy bear.

The Fish Aren’t Biting

The Fish Aren’t Biting is a short story set to be published by The Dread Machine. When young Steven goes camping with his grandfather, the man who looks so much like him becomes tempted by the bad habits of his past.

Pushing Daisy: A Novel

I am currently seeking representation for my debut novel, Pushing Daisy.


Daisy was the beloved nurse holding the pen that would write out the story of her life. Her kindness did not follow her into the grave.

Now, she haunts her neglectful husband, Roger Darling, returning to their townhouse, reborn.

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