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Short Stories

Tear gas

A simple bank robbery goes wrong when a wanna-be hero pushes the panic button, alerting police to the perfect situation in which to test a new method of assaulting the senses.

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Mixtape: 1986

The debut anthology from The Dread Machine, featuring my short story “Jaws”.


The Hellbound Heart

The Hellbound Heart opens on Frank Cotton, a hedonist obsessed with reaching new heights of pleasure. During a ritual to summon the Cenobites, Frank finds himself caught in a real monkey’s paw situation where creatures from another plane serve him more than he ordered. To recover from the consequences of his ritual, he must rely on his sister-in-law Julia to collect the meat he needs to reclaim his mortal body. 

A love story for the ages.

Praise for Howls From Hell

“Quality horror by true believers—who can write. What more can you ask for?”

~Stephen Graham Jones, New York Times bestselling author of The Only Good Indians

“An anthology for horror devotees by horror devotees, Howls from Hell first pays homage to horror’s venerable tropes, then blows them away. “

~J.D. Horn, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The King of Bones and Ashes

Howls From Hell gifts us with sixteen imaginative nightmares from some of the freshest voices emerging in horror and dark fiction. The stories in this collection are fierce and delightfully wicked. I’m certain we’re going to be reading a lot from these writers for years to come.”

~Cynthia Pelayo, two-time Bram Stoker Award-nominated poet and author